Benefits of Being a Memeber of the Berklee City Music Network

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As an Associate Member of the Berklee City Music Network, COMPAS has access to:

  • Use of security encrypted Berklee City Music web portal and the proprietary educational materials provided for students and teachers of the Berklee PULSE Music Method.
  • Certified and Certifiable instructors and information about the certifying process of The Berklee PULSE Music Method.
  • Periodic visits by Berklee to assess Associate Member Program success in the Detroit area and provide reasonable assistance to Associate Member for the Associate Member Program.
  • Promotion of Associates Member’s membership in the Berklee City Music Network in appropriate Berklee electronic and print publications.
  • Cooperative Strategic planning for local network site implementation – Capacity building roadmap and quantifiable tools to measure student progress, teacher success and site development. The format of such quantifiable tools will be supplied by Berklee.
  • Admission Criteria: There is a high likelihood that when a new student comes to us they have little or no previous performing arts training, so we do not have any admission requirements or make auditions necessary to participate. Our program is meant to be as accessible to the community as possible.
  • Access to Professional Artists & Musicians: We have great relationships with many local music and arts organizations and frequently partner with them to bring visiting artists to our community for workshops. We have hosted several musicians/artists from Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan and CONTRA-TIEMPO, and are currently working with other local institutions to host more workshops by visiting artists quarterly. We also provide summer programming that includes opportunities for our students to visit performances outside of the community at local cultural institutions.
  • Performance Opportunities: Annual performance opportunities include End of the Year Recital, Dia del nino Literacy Fair, and the Cinco De Mayo Parade. We produce one annual recital each May to featuring each of our music and performing arts classes, showcasing youth progress in their respective genre. Depending on their level of readiness mid-term, classes may additionally perform at our annual Holiday Celebration held for our families. In addition to our annual performance opportunities, youth also participate in many local festivals and events that provide opportunities to showcase COMPAS youth talent.

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